Resonate Immortals on the Road 2024

No dust in yuh face by d Rest Stop! In 2023, Resonate Masqueraders indulged in unparalleled comfort at The Residence, One Woodbrook Place. Resonate Immortals 2024, promises an even more vibrant experience at the Mas Camp & Rest Stop at The Residence.

  1. Exclusive Access: The Residence opens its doors solely to Resonate Immortals Masqueraders.
  2. VIP Treatment: VIP and Special Sections, including D Engine Room, will luxuriate in the air-conditioned interiors of The Residence for relaxation and meals.
  3. Ultimate After Party: The Residence hosts the Carnival’s best, safest, and most exclusive after party, exclusively for Resonate Masqueraders and VIPs.
  4. Culinary Delights: Immerse yourself in a selection of the finest foods, prepared and waiting to cater to our Immortals’ comfort.

Resonate Immortals on the Road 2024 is set to be an unforgettable scene.

  1. Premium Beverage Service: Enjoy premium drinks throughout the day on the road.
  2. Champagne Hour Celebration: Carnival Tuesday marks a Champagne Hour celebration on the road.
  3. VIP Carts: Experience VIP carts in all sections, stocked with ultra-premium selections.
  4. Special Section Perks: Special Sections grant full VIP access to VIP Carts and Rest Stop facilities.
  5. Snacks and Goodies: Indulge in snacks and treats all day long.
  6. Safety on the Go: Ambulance and sanitation services are on standby with us throughout the parade.

And, of course, revel in the Carnival’s best party on the road. Our Masqueraders had the time of their lives last year. Join us for a Carnival Experience fit for Immortals – Resonate Carnival Immortals 2024.