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Resonate Carnival



Resonate Carnival

Carnival Resonates within us …

Can you feel it?
Carnival’s siren song
Her wild spirit tapping your shoulder luring you to the jewels of the Caribbean Sea,
To a time and place where bounds are blurred,
A ceremony of soul,
A celebration of beauty.

Resonate Carnival is the culmination of a dream, a vision shared by stalwarts of the entertainment industry to bring a new, exciting, and explosive experience to Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.

Resonate Carnival is about an expression of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, our culture, our heritage, and what Carnival means to us. It represents the yearning of every masquerader to get back onto the road for Carnival 2023.

Resonate Carnival is powered by the experience and success of the Residence, Silhouettes Lounge and Fantasy Carnival.

Our production and Mas Camp is located at 4th Floor, Tower 1, One Woodbrook Place, Port of Spain.