Resonate Carnival Presents

"Immortals - Mas lives forever!”

Oh! How we can tell stories, those of yesterday, last week and yesteryear… when we would overload into the streets… the young and old… when all that glittered was just to stop and behold.

When a King and Queen reigned supreme in a Kingdom that only we know! Oh! the stories we can tell, they never get old… when Port of Spain is the only place worth being for the greatest Show to ever unfold…

The sweetest place on earth when we Immortals cross that Savannah stage – Mas Lives Forever.

Welcome to Resonate Carnival 2024 Presentation

"Immortals - Mas lives forever!”

Resonate Carnival is an expression of our culture, our heritage, and what Carnival means to us.

It represents the vibrant energy and rich cultural heritage of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival re imagined for our Modern Carnival.

Immortals comes from a deep love and respect for our culture which has been creatively revitalized and re invigorated by our designers who have put their modern updated spin on some well-loved iconic characters and themes of our Carnival heritage.